Hollow Floating Heat Retention Balls


Covers top of any open tank. Reduces fumes, splashing hazard and heat loss by 75% and evaporation by 91%. Usable to 110°C. Package of 250.

How they work:

By placing a sufficient quantity of hollow plastic balls onto the surface of a liquid, the balls automatically arrange themselves into a close packed formation covering over 91% of the surface area. This high surface coverage provides an extremely effective barrier and significantly reduces the mass and heat transfer mechanisms operating between the liquid and surrounding environment. The hollow plastic balls will form a floating ball cover which will rise and fall with fluctuating water levels. When water levels fall the balls will double stack until the level rises again and the cover will automatically spread into a single layer of coverage.

The hollow plastic balls offer a very low conductivity which results in an extremely effective thermal insulation barrier.

Hollow Plastic Balls Will:

  • Reduce evaporation. Covering the water surface minimizes evaporation and water loss and results in a reduction of liquid loss through evaporation by up to 91%.
  • Reduce maintenance of water levels.
  • Reduce fumes.
  • Reduce humidity of the room.
  • Reduction of ambient temperatures.
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