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HS-2 Oil Diffusion Pump, Water Cooled, 160L/s (air)

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$4,450.00 USD Excl. tax
$4,450.00 USD Incl. tax
The Agilent HS-2 has been designed to fill a special need in applications where high pumping speeds are required and space limitations demand a compact pump. This unit, smallest of the HS Series pumps, is well suited for laboratory and research use. The HS2 pump is a rugged, general-purpose unit with an operating range of 2 x 10-3 to <5 x 10-8 Torr. The Agilent Varian HS2 is ideal for applications requiring fast cycling because of its high pumping speed (285 l/s) air combined with high forepressure tolerance no load (0.55 Torr) and full load (0.40 Torr). Backstreaming rate of the unit is 1x10-3 mg/cm2/ min, without the use of any anti-cooled cold cap with only a slight reduction in pumping speed. Inlet Flange 2 inch ASA, 6 inch OD.

This Agilent HS-2 Diffusion Pump Includes:
  • Inlet ASA 2" - 6" OD, Outlet .83" 13/16" tube
  • Standard Cold Cap, 285 l/s pumping speed air
  • 120 VAC @ 450 Watt (Designed To Be Used With Santovac 5 Oil)
Diffusion pumps use a high-speed jet of vapor to direct gas molecules in the pump throat down into the bottom of the pump and out the outlet. The oil diffusion pump is operated with an oil that has low vapor pressure (Santovac 5 oil)). Its purpose is to achieve higher vacuum (lower pressure) than possible by use of positive displacement pumps alone. The Agilent Varian HS-2 can pump down to pressures of <5x10-8 Torr. Diffusion pumps cannot discharge directly into the atmosphere, so a mechanical forepump, roughing pump is typically used to maintain an outlet pressure around 1 mTorr.

These Agilent Diffusion Pumps are very reliable, simple in design and operate with no noise or vibration. Diffusion pumps are still the most economical means for creating high-vacuum pressures. Diffusion pumps also tolerate operating conditions such as excess particles and reactive gases that would destroy other types of high-vacuum pumps. They can be ordered with a 1-phase 115 or 240 VAC heater harness. We stock and sell Santovac 5 diffusion pump fluids for this pump. Please see below in our “vacuum accessories” section for additional items that may benefit your vacuum applications and maintenance needs. We offer a large variety of vacuum greases, oils, vacuum fittings, hoses, vacuum gauges, sensors/transducers, parts and accessories sold separately on this website.

These Agilent Varian HS-2 diffusion pumps have ASA 2 inch - 6 inch O.D. and contain the 450 Watt heater. This pump is designed for use with Santovac 5 oil, has a pumping speed of 285 l/s air, being compact for easy incorporation into small laboratory instruments, operates on 1-phase 120 VAC 
Specification Value
Optimum Operating Range 2x10⁻³ Torr (2.7 mbar) to < 5x10⁻⁸ Torr (6.7 mbar)
Maximum Pumping Speed 285 l/s, Air
Maximum Throughput (Air), Max. 0.5 Torr l/s (.67 mbar)
Maximum Forepressure No Load 5.5 x 1010⁻± (.73 mbar)
Full Load 4.0 x 1010⁻± (.53 mbar)
Backstreaming Rate at Pump Inlet 1x10⁻³ mg/cm2/min (with cold cap)
Power Requiered (Approximately) 450 Watts
Warmup Time 15 minutes
Cooldown Time Less than 5 minutes to break jet
Less than 10 minutes to vent pump
Fluid Charge 100 cc All conventional and high performance pump fluids
Cooling Water Requirements 0.1 gpm at 60° °F
(15.6 ° °C to 26.7 ° °C) Inlet temperature
Backing Pump Size 5 cfm or larger for optimum throughput


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