KF-40 Aluminum Block Manual Angled Valve w/ Thick Bellows

Quantity: 10
The Goldleaf Scientific aluminum block valves are the perfect choice for medium- and high-vacuum requirements. These low-cost, compact, and reliable valves are used for applications in,  semiconductor manufacturing, R&D, and industrial vacuum systems.


Block Valves are used in rough to high vacuum applications and provide an easy and reliable means of controlling the flow and depth of vacuum.

These block valves will reliably achieve 1 million cycles in most applications.


  • Easy installation and service with low-profile, lightweight construction
  • Cost-effective, reliable design
  • Long life
  • Zero play in the actuation of the valve and can be used for precision opening/closing
  • High conductance design maximizes pumping efficiency and unlocks hidden flow
  • 316 stainless steel bellows
  • Easy maintenance, fast bellows and seal replacement
  • High purity aluminum body
  • Leak rate: 1x10-9 mbar. l /sec
  • Flange: KF (NW)
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