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TS4 Thread Sealant, 2oz

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Traditionally, PTFE (Teflon) tape is used to seal valves, actuators, pipe fittings and fasteners. Now Krytox TS4 PFPE sealant provides the highest securing performance for water, air, steam, natural gas, reactive gases and liquids without the drawbacks of tapes.
PTFE tapes can result in costly thread damage during assembly due to galling and seizure.  Krytox TS4 provides for low breakaway torque for easy-to-break connections.  Additionally, TS4 is a cost effective solution when compared to like chemistries and products, such as Halocarbon Grease, Fluorolube Grease, Lox-8 Paste or PTFE tape as only a minor amount is needed per application.
  • Perfect for threaded connections for valves, actuators, pipe fittings and fasteners
  • Safe - Chemically inert, non-flammable grease that won't react with metals, seals or the process environment
  • Insoluble in nearly all gases and solvents; Krytox TS4 won't be stripped away during processing
  • Unlike PTFE tape, TS4 can be re-applied over existing thread sealant
  • Adheres to threads and will not shred or tear on assembly or dis-assembly
  • Won't plug or restrict piping, valves or instruments like tape solids
  • Adds sealing power for water, air, steam, natural gas and reactive gases and liquids
  • No VOC content or hydrocarbons
  • Operating temperature range of -54 to 149 ºC (-65 to 300 ºF)
  • Approved to use by The Chlorine Institute (Pamphlet 164)
  • Tested leak free under helium at 400 psi for 7 days
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