Magnetic Couple Stirring Drive (for 10mm OD Shaft)

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Product description

Ideal stirrer head for PTFE-jacketed stirrer shafts. Consisting of capsuled drive shaft (stainless steel) with ball bearings, rotor and lower bearing made of PEEK-Compound and a Hastelloy® receiver. Requires little space due to compact construction. No leakage or memory effects due to non-porous, welded rotor. Compression fittings for safe fixing of stirrer shaft and optimum power transmission. Joint-Cone with nut (Safe-Lab) made of PTFE for easy locking and unlocking of the ground joint. Square size 6 mm for accepting an agitator or a stirrer coupling.

Product advantages

» gastight stirrer head for perfect vacuum
» stirrer shaft's height adjustable, approx. 40 mm
» also suitable for shortened stirrer shafts
» powerful transmission of up to 90 Ncm
» excellent chemical resistance
» no grease required / save to run dry
» high speed of up to max. 1.500 rpm
» drive shaft fixed for your safety
» high durability
» easy disassembly of all parts for cleaning
» with receiver made of Hastelloy® for improved durability


>> Suitable for Stirrer Shafts jacketed with PTFE. Ideal for reactor lids or Boiling flasks with center ground joint.
>> L1: The max. shaft length corresponds to the internal height from the top of the ground joint to the vessel bottom.
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