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Manifold, Double Bank, 3-Port

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$1,589.00 USD Excl. tax
$1,589.00 USD Incl. tax

Double bank schlenk line manifold is made for controlling and distributing the flow of gas and vacuum to your laboratory apparatus. The application of both vacuum and inert gas is often used consecutively as the operator can use vacuum to remove harmful or reactive gases then backfill or blanket with inert gas.

Our double bank manifold is designed for high vacuum applications. The vacuum bank is large diameter tubing with large bore high vacuum o-ring style valves to allow greater vacuum flow and conductance. The ends are 35/25 ball-socket oring joints which allow greater flexibility and reduced breakage while remaining vacuum tight. 

The gas bank has smaller high vacuum valves and the bank has hose barbs at each end to allow convenient connection to your inert gas supply and bubbler. All valves are oriented forward for convenient operation. 

Both banks are connected together by way of a 24/40 inner joint. The 24/40 outer is the most common flask joint so we chose to use the 24/40 inner joint for easy and convenient connection to most laboratory flasks. Adapters can also be purchased to change the 24/40 inner to any size or type you want (hose barb, flange, etc)

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