Molecular Sieve Beads, 4A

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The 4A molecular sieve has a pore opening of approximately 4 angstroms. This sodium form of type A is widely used as a general purpose drying agent and has good physical and adsorption properties.
Type 4A beads can be used to adsorb water, ammonia, methanol, ethanol and carbon dioxide. This type of molecular sieve is often used to remove moisture from gas and liquid streams, where co-adsorption of sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide is not a concern

Applications and Uses:

  • Removal of CO2 from air, natural gas, LPG, inert and atmospheric gases
  • Re-proofing of ethanol (removal of water)
  • Removal of moisture from air and gas streams
  • Packaging desiccant

Particle Size & pH: Molecular Sieve Beads 4A has a particle size of 2.5mm-5mm and a basic pH of 10.5.

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