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O-ring for Schott Flange

Delivery time: 2-8 days

$15.60 USD Excl. tax
$15.60 USD Incl. tax

O-ring for Schott-Duran style flanges. Available in Viton, FEP encapsulated Silicone, and FEP encapsulated S.S. spring*

FEP encapsulation provides superior chemical resistance. Use the list to select the correct oring type for your application. Bare viton orings provide a robust seal.  

The S.S. spring maintains resilience even in long term exposure to cryogenic temperatures.

Type Temperature Range: Vacuum seal Rating
Viton -30 to 200°C <1 millitorr
FEP Encapsulated Silicone -62 to 205°C 20 millitorr    
FEP Encapsulated Stainless -250 to 205°C* 1 torr


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