Jacketed Pistol Receiver

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Note: the "Joint Size" drop-down menu refers to the in/out joints (see below). Contact us for any customization needs you may have.
Our new "Pistol" Receiver is a vacuum take off adapter that allows unlimited swapping of the receiver flask without breaking vacuum. Designed for use with the "hot condenser" technique, the body is jacketed and used to connect the same recirculating heater as the short path head and thus both kept at the same temperature. This makes the distillation process much more consistent and predictable. Straight swing arm style design allows the user to rotate the receiver flask up and bypass earlier fractions without risk of contamination. Once ready to catch the main body simply swing down, and with use of the valve can remove and replace your receiving flask as many times as needed without breaking vacuum to the system. Unique design has a horizontally oriented valve which does not impede vapor flow and unlocks the speed of the wide bore system.
Allows the user to perform the following operations:
  • Swing receiver flask out and bypass to prevent contamination
  • Break vacuum to the isolated receiving flask only - without interrupting the entire system
  • Remove and replace receiving flask as many times as needed during your distillation
  • Applying vacuum to isolated flask only
  • Hot vapor bypassing with fully heated jacketing
  • Prevent clogging and slowdown
  • Inert gas fill


Joint Size In / Out Ports Joint Size Discharge Port
24/40 In / Out 24/40 Discharge
29/42 In / Out 24/40 Discharge
34/45 In / Out 29/42 Discharge
45/50 In / Out 34/45 Discharge
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