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ProBoost Diffusion Pump

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$3,485.00 USD $3,369.00 USD Excl. tax
$3,369.00 USD Incl. tax
  • Deeper Vacuum for Final Drying on a Schlenk Line
  • Increases the flow and decreases the vacuum pressure of a vacuum pump
  • Reach 2x10⁻⁵ torr ultimate vacuum
  • Easily attaches to a Rotary Vane Pump


Welch’s ProBoost is an air cooled gas jet pump (commonly called a diffusion pump). The gas jet is formed by directing boiling silicone vapors thru a hollow cone. Since there are no internal moving parts, the pump is very simple. The pumping action commences when the vacuum pressure goes below 0.2 Torr (200 millitorr). On an empty, leak free system, ProBoost backed by a rotary vane pump lowers the vacuum pressure to 0.00002 Torr (20x lower in pressure than a 2‐stage rotary vane pump can do alone).

Automated shutdown process works through an embedded control board that disables heater and enables fan during shutdown.


Specs Model 1392
Maximum Pumping Speed, Air 80 liters/sec
Ultimate Vacuum Pressure 0.00002 torr
Minimum Backing Pump FAD@60Hz 3 CFM
Maximum Discharge Pressure 0.2 torr
Heat‐up time 7 minutes
Inlet Connection NW50
Silicone Oil Capacity* 25 mL
Cool down time 20 minutes
Pump dimensions: L x W x H 5.5 x 5.4 x 7.5 in
ProBoost weight lbs (kg) 5.6 lbs (2.5 kg)

*ProBoost comes with NW50 clamp, NW50 centering ring, NW25 clamp, NW25 centering ring, line cord, cooling fan, switch, and 100 ml of Welch ProBoost Silicone Oil, Cat. No. 1391K. Pump connection kit is required to connect a ProBooster to a rotary vane pump.

Usage Description Consists Of Cat. No.


Usage Description Consists Of Cat. No.
Connects ProBooster
to CRVpro 4,6,8, 16,
24 and 30
Components needed to
connect to rotary vane
pump and neck booster
inlet to NW25
(1)180° NW25 SS return, (2) SS NW25 centering ring assemblies,
(2) NW 25 hinge clamps; (1) conical reducer NW25 to NW50
Closes off ProBoost
prior to releasing
vacuum to still
Stainless Steel high vacuum butterfly valve Very high conductance NW25 valve with quick open and close 704523
Alternative to rubber
Flexible metal hose, 19.7 in Accordian metal tubing with NW25 flanges to connect ProBoost to Still 710762
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