Raschig Rings

Used as a high quality packing material in short path distillation. The extra rings add surface area for vapors and condensed liquids to separate or react. Good for distillation of viscous material to prevent flooding or clogging.

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Raschig rings are used as packing material for fractional distillation columns. The extra surface area and random arrangement creates mixing and interaction between the vapor and condensed materials. Raschig rings create a moderate amount of theoretical plates, but have low hold up and pressure loss. This results in a packing type that is good for distillation of viscous materials where clogging or flooding may occur. 

Comes in 1 pack of 15 pieces

Our recommended sizing guide:

Column ID Distillation Head Raschig Rings
15-20mm 1L 10mm
18-25mm 2L 12mm
25-35mm 2-5L 14mm
35-45mm 5L 16mm
45-60mm 10L 19mm
60mm+ 20L 22mm
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