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Short path distillation

Our new short path kit has been in development for over a year now. They say great things take time and we are excited to introduce a kit designed specifically for cannabinoid distillation. Cannabinoids are very viscous, and the design of the fractional column needs to be wider to prevent flooding. Our new short path heads are much wider than similar volume kits on the market, but we paid close attention to the other sizing parameters and features to retain the separation capabilities. This means you can cut down your overall run time and reduce degradation without reducing purity. 

This kit was also designed to incorporate a hot condenser technique, with three temperature zones. The head and pistol receiver are connected to the same recirculating heater and kept 130-160°C (to condense cannabinoids only),  the auxiliary condenser is kept around 5-25°C (for excess water, solvents, and terpenes) and the vacuum trap uses dry ice or immersion chiller at -100° to -60°C.

The gradient temperature zones have more than enough condensing power to keep your vacuum clean and with two traps you can race through the heads fraction without worry.

Our new “Pistol” receiver is our unique invention designed to allow you to collect unlimited fractions. The valving systems is oriented parallel to the body which keeps it out of the vapor stream. It is a hybrid design of a valved swing arm receiver. Simply swing it down and you are ready to collect your fraction without contamination, and the valve can be used to collect as many additional fractions as needed without breaking vacuum.

Our vacuum trap is another unique invention. The double wall design forces vapor to the bottom of the trap before it can reach the top again thus travelling twice the length of a standard trap. Then we added ring baffles with small indentations which forces the vapor side to side as it travels upwards. The increased surface area and travel distance gives this trap 3-6x more condensing power than a standard trap. 

Lastly this system can be used with a diffusion pump, so we designed it with extra-large ground joint connections throughout and is truly wide bore.