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Chromatographic Silica Gel 60A, 40-75µm

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Article code SIL-60A-1KG

All silica gels sold by Goldleaf Scientific are specifically designed for use in the production of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. We do not sell food grade silica so you do not have to worry about contamination and inconsistent poor performance. Our silica is manufactured to pharmaceutical use standards including tighter particle size distribution and GMP quality control standards ensuring the highest performance and reproducibility with no scale-up limitations.

Silica gel is commonly used for chromatography and filtration. The powder is mixed with a solvent to create a gel or slurry and added to a chromatography column. When your dissolved sample is added to the column the stationary gel phase will hold certain components in the sample more than others and gravity will carry down the components at different rates and allow separation. 

As a filter aid the silica is added as a layer on your filter paper or plate. The small particles of silica stack and create a vertical dimension with much more surface area for depositing filtrate. 

Use 40-63µm for chromatography, and use 63-200µm for filtration

We have a full range of standardized silica gels available as granular (premium, standard, and economy grade) and spherical shapes with pore diameters ranging from 60Å to 2000Å, particle sizes from 3μm to 500μm, and bonded phases from C18 to SAX.

Certificates of analysis and individual data sheets are available for each product upon request. Inquire about custom products. We have available silica gel products for Flash, Classic Column, MPLC, HPLC, TLC, and DCC.

*Always use a mask and appropriate PPE when handling silica powder. Inhalation of dust will cause lung damage. 

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