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Single Jacket Glass Reactor (Non-Lifting)

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

$5,390.00 USD Excl. tax
$5,390.00 USD Incl. tax

The Goldleaf Scientific Glass Reactor is a versatile laboratory machine. The outer jacket allows you to use a chiller or heater to circulate fluid so that you can keep the contents at your desired temperature for as long as needed. The PTFE coated impeller with high torque motor can stir and agitate your sample. The combination of controlled heating/cooling and agitation is ideal for many laboratory applications including:

  • Liquid to liquid extraction
  • Solid to liquid extraction
  • Chemical reactions
  • Bulk heating/cooling
  • Distillation

For a brief video of the reactor and its uses, click here.










Vessel Capacity

5L / 1.32Gal

10L / 2.6Gal

20L / 5.28Gal

50L / 13.20Gal

100L / 26.41Gal

150L / 39.62Gal

Material Flask Capacity

1L / 0.26Gal

1L / 0.26Gal

5L / 1.32Gal

5L / 1.32Gal

5L / 1.32Gal

5L / 1.32Gal

Receiving Flask Capacity

Not included

5L / 1.32Gal

5L / 1.32Gal

10L / 2.6Gal

10L / 2.6Gal

10L / 2.6Gal

Fluid Jacket Capacity

0.8L / 0.21Gal

8L / 2.11Gal

9L / 2.37Gal

16L / 4.22Gal

25L / 6.60Gal

35L / 9.25Gal

Glass Material

GG-17 Borosilicate Glass

Rotary Speed


Glass Temperature Range

-80°C to 210°C / -112°F to 410°F

Power Requirements

Non-ETL: 110-120V 60Hz 15A 1p | ETL: 230V 60Hz 15A 1p

Stirrer Wattage

90W (ETL 120W)

90W (ETL 120W)

90W (ETL 120W)

90W (ETL 120W)

250W (ETL 200W)


Lowest Vacuum Level

0.098Mpa / 25 Torr / 25000 Microns

Speed Regulation

Digital Step-Less

Condenser and Feed Valve Barbs

10MM - 3/8"

Bottom Drain Port

35MM - 1 3/8"

Receiving Flask Barb

16MM - 5/8"

Jacket Pressure

Maximum 29 psi - Nominal 25 psi

Fluid Connection

16MM - 5/8" barb or 1/2" NPT (JR-100: 5/8 Barb or 3/4" MNPT) 


ETL to UL and CSA Standards (Optional)

External Dimensions LxWxH

16 x 18 x 68"

20.4 x 20.4 x 70"

39 x 20.4 x 79"

41 x 23 x 90"

48 x 34 x 102"

85 x 34 x 108"


75 lbs

149 lbs.

176 lbs


275 lbs

598 lbs

*Not recommended for pressure applications. Internal pressure can be relieved by using the reflux condenser.

*Always reduce concentration of residual flammable solvents from spent material to a safe level before removing from sealed machine.

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