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Radial Strrer, Stainless Steel

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$397.00 USD Excl. tax
$397.00 USD Incl. tax

Due to the shape of the stirrer blade, the radial flow stirrer is ideally suited oxygenation or aeration of liquids, creating emulsions, and the gassing or foaming of liquids. Can be used for mixing of media with low and middle viscosity < 500 mPa s


Ideal vessel diameter 143- 250 mm
Ideal clearance from bottom 25- 50 mm
Ideal filling level 143- 250 mm
Ideal volume 2,300- 12,300 ml
Blade size 50mm
Length 400mm
Material 18/10 Stainless steel
Shaft diameter 7mm
Max. rotation speed 2,000rpm
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