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High Viscosity Nozzle Jet Stirrer

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$1,236.00 USD Excl. tax
$1,236.00 USD Incl. tax

This high viscosity stirrer can be used for materials with a wide range of viscosity (low to very high viscosity), but is ideally suited for viscous, gel, or paste materials. Unlike most stirrers the design avoids aeration of the solution and prevents the generation of foam. Allows degasification of the material. 

The nozzle shape causes an intrinsically dynamic flow, which allows superior mixing results in less time compared to conventional impellers. Even with low rpm-range, a dynamic radial flow will be generated. The nozzle design works on the basis of the so-called cone principle. The accelerated flow through the cone shape causes turbulence which mixes materials at a micro level. The cone pieces were built with an angular ratio and adds an additional stirring effect.

The selection size refers to the diameter of the nozzle blades.

Diameter of nozzles 80mm 120mm
ideal vessel diameter 133- 200 mm 200- 300 mm
ideal distance from bottom 24 mm 36 mm
ideal filling level 133- 200 mm 200- 300 mm
ideal volume 1,900 - 6,300 ml 6,300 - 21,200 ml

Shaft diameter is 10mm and the length is 500mm

Ideal speed ranges

The stirring speed is between 120-500rpm. With low-viscosity media, 120rpm. is sufficient, with high-viscosity media a speed up to 500rpm may be required.

You can also estimate the ideal speed of your stirring tool by ensuring that there is only a minimal formation of cyclone on the surface of the medium and that no air is drawn in. Use at low speed for degassing your degassing.

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