Vacuum manifold, Single Bank, High Vacuum

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General purpose single bank vacuum manifold with 3, 4, or 5 ports. These manifolds are recommended for higher vacuum use that do not require air-free or inert gas purging (Please use our double bank manifolds for inert gas blanketing). Use the largest valve for the highest vacuum. 

Valves are 0-4mm, 0-8mm, or 0-12mm PTFE piston style valves. Main tube OD is 25mm, 38mm and 51mm respectively.  Ports are spaced apart 2x the OD of the main tube. 0-4mm valve has 3/8" barbs, 0-8 and 0-12mm have 1/2" barbs.

Please contact us for other sizes or styles not listed, for example we can replace the hose barbs with GL-14 or GL-18 threaded connections. 

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