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Welch 1402N Chemstar Mounted pump

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Welch Belt-drive vacuum pumps are known for their ruggedness world-wide in the most demanding applications.

Key features making these pumps so reliable and durable:

Low pump rpm to reduce frictional wear while minimizing reservoir temperature to lessen chemical activity High oil feed to pump models leads to cleanest oil lubricating the internal pump module Large oil reservoirs dilute contaminants ingested into the pump Belt-drive vacuum pump are available in three types: DUOSEAL, CHEMSTAR and CAPTURE. DUOSEAL vacuum pumps are used in most common lab and industrial applications.


DUOSEAL pumps are available in 6 models of two-stage vacuum pumps and 2 models of one-stage pumps. CHEMSTAR pumps are designed to tolerate harsh chemical contamination with vital parts corrosion resistant and uses Welch Gold oil, a synthetic pump oil designed to resist chemical attack.

CAPTURE pump is used for refrigerant recovery and transfer. On special requests, both DUOSEAL and CHEMSTAR vacuum pumps can be fomblinized for oxygen service. Welch vacuum pump oil is specifically formulated for the unique needs of vacuum pumps. Use of non-Welch vacuum pump oil voids any performance claims and product warranties.

•In Duoseal belt driven rotary vane pumps, use Welch Duoseal or Welch Gold Oil

•In CRVpro rotary vane pumps use Welch premium or Welch gold oil

•In Chemstar belt driven rotary vane pumps use Welch gold oil Applications: Schlenk lines, freeze dryers, glove boxes, degassing, vacuum ovens, high boiling point distillations, HVAC service.


Model Number
Ultimate Pressure
Dimensions, LxWxH, in (mm)
Free Air Displacement
5.6 (158)



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