2163B-01 8-Head Chemical Resistant Diaphram Pump

The Welch 2163 is a high capacity full chemical-resistant, 8-head, oil-free dry diaphragm vacuum pump with all-aluminum contact surfaces and deep vacuum capability. Oil-Free, portable, full chemical-resistant, means less maintenance and no more frequent and costly oil change, or cross contamination.



 Electrical requirements
 110V or 220V, 50/60Hz single phase
 Pumping rate
 6.1 cfm / 174 L/min
 Gasket material  All-PTFE
 Ultimate vacuum level
 6 torr / 8 mbar
 Maximum vacuum  29.9 in. Hg
 Inlet/Outlet  KF16 flange
 Adjustable vac./gas ballast  No
 Unit dimensions  21.25 x 9.25 x 12" (LxWxH)
 Shipping dimensions  28 x 16 x 20" (LxWxH)
 Shipping weight  90 Lbs
 Compliance  CE
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