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X 120 Portable Homogenizer

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$769.00 USD Excl. tax
$769.00 USD Incl. tax
In stock

Available in 115 and 220v (must request for 220v)



Does not include: shaft, mounting stand, and shaft wrenches (all needed for first time users)

Only buy this motor if you already have a shaft to use.

First time users/buyers please take a look at our Complete X 120 Kit Here which has everything you need to get started.

The X 120 homogenizer is small in size but powerful. Perfect for portable applications or homogenizing small volumes (0.2ml-1500ml), such as for tissue samples and other forms of testing. Easy to transport around to different lab stations. Easily clean or change the shaft to prevent cross contamination. High quality motor with stainless steel mixing shaft. Can be operated handheld or mounted on a stand. Compatible with T6 / T10 / T17 shafts only. See shaft selection guide for more details.

  • Small Volume
  • Portable
  • High speed
  • Food-safe shafts

T = shaft with PTFE stock: This shaft type is for standard applications (for liquid media such as water, oil, etc.) suitable. Quickly mixes samples in less than a minute for full emulsification with high power rotor capable of 30,000 rpms.

*Dry running is not permitted

*Ensure liquids completely cover the end of the shaft

All of our homogenizers come with a 2-year warranty. We have parts in stock with capabilities to repair and replace any broken components quickly. We understand how costly downtime can be so we are committed to offer the fastest turnaround possible. Call us anytime if you have any questions about your homogenizer mixer setup (510)487-1390


For help selecting the right homogenizer kit see our selection guide here

For mixing terpenes and distillate see our terpene guide here

Speed ​​range [1 / min] 10,000 - 33,000
Speed ​​range [rpm] 115V version 5,000-32,000
Motor power [W] 140
Digital display type -
Speed ​​display -
Volume, max. (H2O) [l] 2
Flow rate (H2O) [L / min] -
Chamber cooling -
Inlet and outlet openings, diameter [mm] -
Cold chamber connections, diameter [mm] -
Noise without tools, max. [dB] 86
Dispersing tools T 6, T 10, T 17
Power supply [V] 230VAC 50Hz, 115VAC 60Hz
Weight [kg] 0.75
Height [mm] 220
Diameter [mm] 53
Degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529 IP20
Overheating protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Motor type DC
Direction of rotation agitator shaft CCW
Operating mode Short-term operation
Certification CE


Shaft Selection Table

X 120 Manual




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