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Homogenizer Shaft for X 1000D, 20mm

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$592.00 USD Excl. tax
$592.00 USD Incl. tax

Goldleaf Scientific dispersing tools and generators have unique slanted rotor slots for fast processing and improved mixing turbulence. The dispersing tools are interchangeable and some (G20, G30, G40) have ceramic shaft seals, so they can be used under vacuum, pressure and with abrasive materials. Rotors and stators are exchangeable and there are optional continuous flow chambers (DK30 and DK40)

All Goldleaf disbursing shafts have the same coupling system, allowing all the drive motors to accept any choice of suitable shafts.

Dispersing tools are sold complete with rotor and stators. Different rotors and stators are available to interchange. Replacement rotors and stators are available for all types of dispersing tools such as

T-6, T-10, T-17, (for use with X 120, and X 1000

T-20, (for use with X 1000)

T-30 and T-40 (for use with X 1740)

T = Shaft with PTFE bearing. This shaft type is used for standard application. (For liquid media like water, oil, etc.) Depth of immersion =250mm

G = Shaft with slide seal ring. This shaft type is excellent for applications with aggressive respectively abrasive media and when pressure is applied. Depth of immersion =280mm


F=fine and should be used with light fluid such as water
N=neutral viscosity and can be used for water and light oils
M=blade type is particularly suited for shearing and creating emulsions
V=viscous and should be used for heavy and viscous fluids


Shaft selection table

Instruction Manual

G20 Shaft Cleaning Guide

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