LVP High Vacuum Grease, 2oz

Quantity: 2

Krytox™ low vapor pressure (LVP) and Krytox™ vacuum pump fluid (VPF) lubricants deliver exceptional performance in environments that have:

  • Low pressures
  • Extremely high or low temperatures
  • Exposure to hostile chemicals or gases

Greases That Work Where Others Break Down

These properties allow Krytox™ LVP greases to perform in environments where hydrocarbon, silicone, and chlorofluorocarbon greases cannot. The fluorinated grease can work in temperatures ranging from -15 to 300 °C (5 to 572 °F), at vapor pressures as low as -1.0 x 10-13 torr at 20 °C (68 °F), and in the most chemically severe environments. Even under these operating conditions, Krytox™ LVP grease gives dependable, proven performance.


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