Vacuum Pump Oil, Premium

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Grade 20 Vacuum Pump Oil for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps.


Upgraded from Grade 19 pump oil.


Double distilled and hydro-treated for removal of unnecessary fractions. Experience a reduced build up of varnish and carbonized oil clogging up your pumps internal components thanks to a higher molecular weight and viscosity. This oil is perfect for rotary vane vacuum pumps and high vacuum blowers, also eliminates contamination in mechanical and diffusion pumps. 


A superior molecularly distilled pump oil that provides the best protection from wear, leading to less pump repairs and failures. Tested for performance and outlasting traditional pump oils. 


Recommended to change pump oil every 3 months.


Vapor Pressure @ 25°C: <1x10-6  Torr
Viscosity @ 100°F: 62 cSt
Fire Point: (COC): 245°C 473°F
Flash Point: (COC): 271°C 520°F
Pour Point: -15°C
Specific Gravity @ 22°C: .869 g/ml


Please reach out for SDS Sheet

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