Rotary Evaporator, 50L


Now with 2x the heating power and includes optional pre-heating coil in the bath to heat your injected solvent. 

Evaporation Speed: up to 12 gal/hr (alcohol)*.

The Goldleaf Scientific Insta-vap™ rotary evaporator provides fast and efficient solvent recovery with a quality machine for a very economical price. The rotating boiling flask deposits a continuous layer of sample on the inner flask wall thus providing agitation and maximizing surface area.

Vacuum feed valve for continuous addition of sample to the loading flask and allows user to suck small sample into the boiling flask for improved efficiency, distillation rate, and ease of use. Electric lift makes adjusting flask height as easy as pressing a button. Isolation valve allows for draining of receiver flask while retaining vacuum and distillation throughout.

Includes 1-year warranty.

New model upgrades include:

  • 2x the heating power (8kw in heating bath)
  • Double condensers that are each double the size (4x larger than standard rotovaps)
  • Double receiver flask (allows more time between draining) 

Evaporation Speed: Alcohol 8 gal/hr (12 gal/hr with optional upgrades below)

*Optional Solvent Injection Pre-heating System can increase distillation rate by up to 50%. Inquire for pricing and details.

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