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An electric homogenizer machine emulsifies, or breaks down, particles in a liquid so that they are evenly distributed and remain in suspension. Goldleaf specializes in Rotor-stator homogenizers, also called a high shear homogenizer or a mechanical homogenizer, which have a very high rpm internal rotor that shears particles between the stator. They are often used in pharmaceutical, industrial, botanical, and medical fields for a wide range of applications. Goldleaf carries all of the needed homogenizer equipment for operation including stands, shafts, replacement parts and offers rapid repairs and customizations. 

All Homogenizers will require a disperser "generator" shaft, Universal Socket Wrench, and Rotor wrench 

Shop our "complete kits" to get everything needed in one purchase, or call/email us and we can put everything together in a quote for you. 

See our shaft selection guide to properly pair your homogenizer motor with the right shaft:

Shaft Selection Guide

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