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X 1740 Homogenizer

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High quality and high power 

Looking to homogenize large volumes quickly and efficiently? Look no further than the Goldleaf Scientific X1740 Homogenizer. This powerful machine can handle volumes from 500ml to 20 liters, and comes equipped with a 1700-watt drive motor for speeds of up to 23,000 rpm. Whether you're in the lab or the pilot plant, this homogenizer has got you covered. 


Sealed ceramic disperser shafts are resistant to sticky or abrasive materials

Modular disperser shaft homogenizer system allow the user to build a complete homogenizer for their specific application (see our shaft selection guide below). The uses and applications range from fine emulsions to crushing and disintegrating solids. The range and scope of applications are extensive, but a few have been listed below

  • Fine -mostly water based emulsions, or decreasing particle size for increased bioavailability and pharmaceutical efficiency of drug compounds (making compounds smaller and water soluble)
  • Low Viscosity -light lotions, creams or soaps
  • Viscous- Heavy and thick oils, blending terpenes into vape carts (see our guide on that process here)
  • Knife-Breaking up solids (from loose agglomeration to bone)


 In combination with our DK 40 flow chamber, it can also be used as an in-line disperser or to convey media. The DK40 is perfect for larger volume processing or where flow speed should be controlled. Compatible with the T/G 30 and T/G 40 disperser shafts. 

T = shaft with PTFE stock: This shaft type is for standard applications (for liquid media such as water, oil, etc.) suitable . Do not run dry.

G = shaft with mechanical seal. This type of shaft is very suitable for aggressive or abrasive media when pressure is built up (e.g. with viscous media) or when solids are to be crushed.


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Speed ​​range [1 / min] 2,500 - 23,000
Speed ​​range [1 / min] 115V version 2,500 - 23,000
Motor power [W] 1,800
Digital display type -
Speed ​​display -
Volume, max. (H2O) [l] 500
Flow rate (H2O) [L / min] 80
Chamber cooling Yes
Inlet and outlet openings, diameter [mm] 20th
Cold chamber connections, diameter [mm] 10
Noise without tools, max. [dB] 87
Dispersing tools "T 30 / G 30, T 40 / G 40, DK 30 / DK 40
Power supply [V] 115VAC 60Hz
Weight [kg] 4.7
Height [mm] 360
Diameter [mm] 100
Degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529 IP20
Overheating protection Yes
Overload protection Yes
Motor type DC
Direction of rotation agitator shaft CCW
Operating mode Short-term operation
Certification CE


X 1740 Manual

Shaft Selection Guide

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