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Round Bottom Boiling Flask, with Schott Flange and two angled 24/40 necks

Delivery time: 2-8 days

$644.00 USD Excl. tax
$644.00 USD Incl. tax

Our boiling flasks are only made of the highest quality Schott glass and is screened for defects and graded. Take comfort knowing you are getting the highest quality flasks, direct from the factory, and at a great price!

100mmm Schott flange is large enough to fit your hand inside for easy cleaning. The flange has an oring groove for sealing. You will need the oring and clamp for this setup. We suggest a viton oring for most applications, and a FEP encapsulated silicone oring for applications involving strong acids/bases or work with ketones such as acetone. See the chemical compatibility guide here for more info. To purchase the oring or get more info see here

This flask has 2 side necks that are angled. One neck is used for the thermometer and the other is used to add additional reactants or as a sparging or inert gas insertion. See matching thermowells here

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