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Hot Pass Tech - Upgrade Kit

$735.50 USD Excl. tax
$735.50 USD Incl. tax

Are you ready to cut your production time in half?

Need the right equipment to convert you standard pass short path kit to a Hot Condenser system? 

Pair this kit with one of our Jacketed Pistol Receivers:

-Jacketed pistol receiver is a valve that is heated along with your condenser to prevent any distillate from clogging when being collected.


This upgrade kit allows you to run a heater through your condenser, allowing you to perform both your head and body fraction of distillation at the same time. For more details about how to perform a hot condenser run, call us to schedule a consultation or class (510)487-1390


In this kit:

Syltherm 800 - High temperature fluid to run in your heater to reach optimal temperatures


Viton Tubing - Temperature resistant tubing to safely pump heating fluid into your jacketed condenser and pistol receiver


GL High Temp Barbs - Upgraded GL fittings that can handle the high temperatures 


*Must be paired with a Jacketed Pistol Receiver to complete the kit*

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