20L Gemstone Short Path Head

The "Gemstone" Series Short Path Head

Channeled Tubing creates a distinct gemstone type optical effect with a larger inner surface area than standard tubing without the need for rings and baffles. 

100mm full bore distillation column was optimized for distilling viscous oils for unparalleled flow and lower operational vacuum levels.

Schott Flange replaces the standard conical, tapered joint connection. New flange prevents thermal heat loss that can create a choke point from oils condensing at the joint and clogging flow.

Large opening in boiling flask allows user to reach inside and properly clean the inner walls, preventing carbon build up and potential contamination.  


Custom options available; change joint sizes, design condensers, and create manifolds that perfectly fit your facility. 

Our in house, USA based glassblowing studio allows for quick turn around time on custom orders and repairs. 

Call us with any customization requests. (510)487-1390

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