Double Wall Dewar Vacuum Trap without Ring Baffles, Extended Cold Finger

Dewar glass vacuum cold trap for distillation of volatiles. Vacuum trap is required to prevent contamination of your vacuum pump. Cold trap condenses vapors to liquid and extended cold finger keep the liquid cold. Double wall high efficiency design.

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The double dewar trap with extended cold finger is especially suited for immersion chillers. The extended cold finger goes down into the receiving flask which cools the condensed liquids so that it doesn't warm back up and offgas back into the pump. Most people that have dry ice put some in a little bowl under the receiving flask but with our trap design dry ice is not needed. It is also double walled so the vapor hits the first wall and has to travel all the way down, then back up to the top before exiting. This large dewar style vacuum trap is great for collecting large amounts of solvent or volatile compounds.

A vacuum trap or "cold trap" is used to prevent vapors from entering your vacuum pump and contaminating your vacuum pump oil. If your vacuum pump ingests vapor it can be detrimental to performance and longevity of the pump. It is crucial to protect your vacuum pump in order to reach and maintain the required vacuum level, and prevent costly and unnecessary oil changes. Use a refrigerated immersion cooler for use without dry ice.


Unique features:

  • Intake is on the top left and output is on the right near the top. Both in/out ports inline and allows multiple traps to be connected inline.
  • Ground joints provide excellent sealing and a wide vapor path.
  • Dividing barrier increases efficiency by forcing vapor to travel the full vertical length of the trap before it can reach the other side creating a longer vapor path. The manufacturing process remains relatively simplistic which keeps the price down while improving overall performance. 
  • Ring baffles are added to the inner section to create additional surface area and residence time by forcing the vapor to the opposite side before escaping to the next level.


Contact us for custom joint sizes.


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