Double Wall Dewar Vacuum Trap without Ring Baffles 45/50 24/40

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Double Wall Vacuum Cold Trap:

Features a unique dual-wall design. This setup guides vapors down the length of the cold finger and then back up, ensuring prolonged contact with the cooling surface. This extended exposure maximizes condensation efficiency, safeguarding your vacuum pump from volatile substances.

The In/Out Ports are positioned in parallel, making it a breeze to connect multiple traps in a series. This feature is especially advantageous when employing advanced hot pass distillation techniques, where the use of multiple traps is strongly recommended.

For the ideal volatile condensation setup, consider pairing our Double Wall Vacuum Cold Trap with our Auxiliary Condenser.

This versatile cold trap is compatible with both dry ice and immersion chiller cooling methods, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs. 

24/40 Joints and multiple sizes available. Call us for details on custom options. 

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