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KF-16 High Vacuum Metering Valve

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High vacuum metering valves

Are used to vent or release pressure/vacuum or to control gas flows. Precise flow rate is set by adjusting the dial. Great for controlling the exact flow rate into or out of the system for:

  • adjusting the vacuum level.
  • adjusting vacuum flow speed.
  • back filling with inert gas.
  • safe and gradual release of vacuum.
  • stabilizing vacuum controlling system.



Minimum flow rate 0.003 L/s (for 0.8mm), 0.005 L/s (for 1.2mm)
Maximum flow rate 0.03 L/s (for 0.8mm), 0.08 L/s (for 1.2mm)
Minimum Adjustable Flow 0.003 SCCM
Maximum inlet pressure 900 torr
Maximum leak rate across body 7.5 x 10-9 torr·L/s
Cycles until first service 3000 
Vacuum connection: KF-16, NW-16
Position of installation: Any
Material Stainless steel (SS316) body, Brass needle 
Maximum Bake out Temperature ≤150℃


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