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M 26G2 Hotplate/Stirrer

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$1,377.00 USD Incl. tax

The Goldleaf M 26G2 hotplate stirrer has some of the most advanced user and safety features in a single unit. The advanced features of this magnetic hot plate stirrer make it the ideal tool for many sensitive or challenging applications where no other hotplate stirrer can perform. A list along with brief explanations of the functions are listed below. 

The Magnetic Hot plate With Stirrer allows 2 different modes of operation:

  • Temperature control with external Pt100 probe (recommended mode)
  • Temperature control of the hotplate (no Pt100 probe connected)

For exact temperature control of a liquid, the use of an external Pt100 probe (not included) is recommended to regulate the liquid temperature as accurately as possible.

Thermal Resistance -This value reflects the energy drop from the liquid to ambient temperature.
This means that if there is a lot of energy needed (which comes from the hotplate) to hold the
desired liquid temperature (Probe Temp), there is a low thermal resistance present. If for example
water should be heated to 99°C at normal ambient conditions, this would need much more than
only the double the energy to heat water to 50°C. If, however, a temperature close to the boiling
temperature should be controlled, this value should be decreased to lower values to achieve a faster heat up time.

DiffAlrm Sensity-This safety function registers an extreme drop in temperature of the measured medium temperature (external Pt100 probe). If there is an endothermic reaction for example, the alarm will go off. Adjust this value from 0-100 for your material requirements. 

Out of Liq.Check-The Out of Liquid function monitors, whether the Pt100 probe is immersed in the liquid in the vessel on the hotplate. Should the material be evaporated or the vessel break the heating will be automatically turned off. Adjustable from 0-100 

Liquid Ramp Function-The device offers the possibility to heat up a liquid with a defined heating rate (Temperature Ramp).

PlateTemp. Limit-By changing this value, the maximum adjustable hotplate temperature can be limited. If you have a material that is sensitive or is flammable at some temperature use this to prevent the plate from exceeding that temperature. 

PlateTempAutoSet-If the material temperature (probe temp) is changed, the maximum hotplate temperature (Plate Temp Limit) automatically will be set to its maximum allowed value, to guarantee a short heat-up time, but in some cases this is not desirable, so this automatic function can be switched off here.

Independent 2nd Safety Pt100 Temperature
The device offers a second Pt100 connector for connecting a Safety Pt100 probe (Second Safety
Temp). This Safety Pt100 probe is monitored by a redundant safety circuit. This means that this
important safety feature is now fully independent of the microprocessor. Therefore even it works
in case of malfunction of the microprocessor. If the temperature detected by the Safety Pt100 probe exceeds the Second Safety Temp, the independent safety circuit switches off the hotplate
immediately. This Safety Pt100 probe is used to increase the overall safety of the device

Safety Auto Set-When this option is enabled, the device will automatically set the safety temperature 15°C above
the programmed set temperature every time the setpoint is changed. If a Pt100 probe is connected, the set temperature is the set value of the heating medium (Probe Temp), otherwise it is the hotplate temperature (Plate Temp). 

Heating Volume -To better estimate the heating power requirement, whenever the device is switched on or a Pt100 probe is connected to the device, the user will be asked automatically for the volume of the heating medium. This automatic query can be switched off in this menu item. If this function is turned off, the volume of liquid can only be changed manually.

Safety Stir Time-After device malfunction (e.g. hotplate overheating) the hotplate switches automatically off. But the device continues stirring the liquid for a certain time, to prevent heat accumulation and helping cooling down the liquid. The user can define the time for continue stirring (Safety Stir Time) in this setting

RS485 Connection- If you want to operate the hotplate stirrer remotely from a computer or together with several devices there is an RS485 bus. 

Restart After Power Fail- With this function the behavior of the device after a mains voltage error, e.g. Power failure can be changed. If the function is switched on and the mains voltage is interrupted during operation, the device restores the last device state as soon as the mains voltage is switched on again and continues to run automatically.

PID Menu- In the PID Menu you can change various setting parameters which affect the heating control. 

Container Type-This option allows to adapt/optimize the temperature regulation circuitry to the type of container being used (glass ,stainless steel, etc)

Timer function- This device has an integrated timer function. The timer function switches off the device after the adjusted time. If the timer expires, the hotplate turns off. The device continues stirring until the adjusted Safety Stir Time expires (see also chapter 11.1-Safety Stir Function) and then turns off into standby mode by itself.

Self-Monitoring of the Instrument-The device has additional internal security functions to monitor and switch off itself automatically in case of malfunction



Speed ​​range [1 / min] 60-1600
Temperature range [° C] RT (+5) - 360
Heating power [W] 500
Shape of the heating plate round
Heating plate type Anodizing
Suitable for round bottom flasks Yes, purchase reaction block
Suitable for oil or sand bath -
Dimensions of the heating plate [mm] Ø 140
Digital display type LCD
Speed ​​display Yes
Temperature display Yes
Timer display Yes
Timer function Yes
Ramp function -
Stirring amount, max. (H2O) [l] 10
Accuracy of the temperature control [° C] -
Accuracy of temperature control [° C]
(with external sensor)
± 0.2
Interfaces for external sensors PT100, PT100 Duplex, KTA
Programmable safety temperature Yes
interface RS485
Power supply [V] 115VAC 60Hz
Weight [kg] 2.6
Width (mm] 145
Height [mm] 110
Depth [mm] 220
Degree of protection according to DIN EN 60529 IP32
Motor type DC
Motor rotation CCW
Operating mode Endurance run
Certification CE


M 26G2 Manual

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