Digital Burette Buying Guide - How to Select the Right Burette

Digital Burette Buying Guide - How to Select the Right Burette




When it comes to upgrading your laboratory equipment, one of the game-changers is the Goldleaf Scientific digital bottle-top burette. If you're tired of dealing with the constant breakage of glass tubes and pipettes, this advanced tool offers a range of advantages that can significantly improve your lab workflow and measure liquids accurately.


Measuring Instruments for Accuracy

Any procedure that requires complete control of the volume of liquids being distributed can benefit from a bottle-top burette. A burette is a measuring instrument used to control the dispensing of a precise amount of various liquids accurately.


Mounted to the top of a reagent bottle, a bottle-top burette inserts a feeding tube into a liquid solution. The valve in the burette will control the flow of liquid into a receiver flask based on the adjustment of volumes the user has input into the burette programming functions.


When prompted to, the instrument will dispense the suitable volumes and measurement of liquid the user has programmed.


How to Pick the Correct Size Burette

Choosing the right size is crucial for precision. When you see a Goldleaf Scientific digital burette listing, you'll notice a range, such as 1µl to 50ml. The first number represents the smallest possible dose in microliters, while the second number indicates the largest possible dose in milliliters. This ensures you can accurately dispense the exact amount of liquid you need.



Hand Driven or Motor Driven?

Goldleaf Scientific offers both a hand-driven and a motor-driven digital burette. Hand-driven units use a simple knob that you turn by hand to trigger dispensing. On the other hand, the motor-driven units provide a programming function for accurate and automated dispensing, adding an extra layer of convenience.


Advantages of Goldleaf Scientific Bottle-Top Burette

Durability is a key advantage of Goldleaf Scientific bottle-top burette. Unlike fragile glass equipment, these instruments are built to last. No more worrying about breakage, saving you both time and money in the long run. These units offer high chemical resistance for various liquids and high precision for accurate dosing.


These burettes can connect to a compute for data logging and record keeping. They also feature a valveless dosing system design, which results in the lowest possible dead volume and high reproducibility, and can be individually calibrated to your specifications


Cleaning is a Breeze

The simple and efficient cleaning process eliminates the need for constant clean-up after broken tubes and pipettes, making your lab more efficient. All that users need to do for cleaning is mount the burette on a bottle filled with cleaning solution and allow the solution to run through the unit.


The proper cleaning solution and frequency of cleaning is determined by the reagent that was being dispensed. Thicker, more viscous oil that dries out quickly will need to be cleaned several times throughout the day, while less viscous water-based solutions will only need to be cleaned at the end of each day.


Always clean the burette after daily use and prior to long-term storage to prolong the life of the unit.


Proper Care for Longevity

Maintaining the accuracy and performance of your Goldleaf Scientific digital bottle-top burette is essential for consistent results. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of the instrument and ensure that your measurements remain precise over time.


To keep your burette in top condition, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and storage. After each use, it's recommended to flush the system with a cleaning solution to prevent any residue buildup. Additionally, inspect the feeding tube and valve for any signs of wear or clogs that might affect the flow of liquid.


Environmental Considerations

Creating an optimal environment for your digital burette is essential for accurate measurements. Temperature, humidity, and vibration levels can impact the performance of sensitive instruments. Ensure that the workspace where the burette is used is stable and free from significant temperature fluctuations.


Avoid placing the instrument in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as extreme temperatures can affect the accuracy of the measurements. Additionally, consider using anti-vibration platforms or mounts to minimize the impact of vibrations from nearby equipment or movements in the laboratory.


Calibration for Precision

Periodic calibration is crucial to verify the accuracy of your digital burette. Calibration ensures that the instrument's measurements match the intended volume outputs. Goldleaf Scientific provides guidelines for calibration procedures, and it's advisable to schedule regular calibration sessions to maintain the highest level of accuracy.


Calibration typically involves comparing the dispensed volumes with a reference standard. This process might require specialized calibration solutions and equipment. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Goldleaf Scientific to perform accurate calibrations and make any necessary adjustments to the instrument's settings.


Training and User Manuals

To make the most out of your Goldleaf Scientific digital burette, invest time in understanding its features and functionalities. Thoroughly read the user manual provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you are aware of all the instrument's capabilities.


In addition to the manual, consider providing training sessions for laboratory personnel who will be using the burette. Proper training can prevent operational errors and ensure that the instrument is utilized to its full potential. Familiarize users with programming functions, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting techniques to enhance their confidence in operating the digital burette effectively.


Transition from Glass Equipment

Upgrading to a Goldleaf Scientific digital bottle-top burette marks a transition to a more substantial and efficient product. The improved accuracy and faster lab processes can significantly enhance your research outcomes.


Rather than trying to have a pipette or other measurement device reach far down into a media bottle to distribute accurate measurements, a burette will mount directly on top of a standard reagent bottle. Just insert the feed tube and screw the burette onto the threaded bottle for a smart solution to providing accurate dosage.


A burette is an instrument to manage complete accuracy and volume of a liquid, and also has high chemical resistance that can withstand most solutions. As such, the accuracy of a burette is much higher than using a flask, graduated glass tube, or plastic measuring cup to provide a detailed reading and volume analysis of various liquids accurately.



Entry Level Burette

The pricing of a burette is strongly influenced by their operational capabilities, with high-end models boasting advanced features. These top-tier models typically come equipped with a motorized pumping system, powered by a 9-volt adapter, which not only facilitates precision but also often includes a computer interface for efficient record-keeping. Some may even feature a self-contained cleaning system, adding to their convenience.


However, it's essential to note that the pricing of a Goldleaf bottle-top burette doesn't solely determine their accuracy. Regardless of the model, Goldleaf Scientific maintains a high standard of precision and performance in their products.


The smallest reagent amounts dispensed with a single pump stroke are as low as 1µl for some models. The maximum flow rate for a burette ranges from approximately 12 milliliters to 20 milliliters per minute. Importantly, the total amount of reagent that can be dispensed depends only on the capacity of the reagent bottle.



For operation, some burette models use a hand crank attached to the dispensing mechanism. Others employ two AA batteries, serving the purpose of programming the dispensing rate and volume, powering flow rate and volume indicators, as well as the liquid crystal display.


A noteworthy feature of Goldleaf Scientific's entry-level burette is their valveless design. Unlike a burette with valves in their dispensing mechanisms, which can introduce a concept known as "dead volume," these burettes use precision pumping. This design ensures continuous accuracy during both metering and dispensing operations.


With proper care, these versatile measuring and dispensing devices are built to offer years of service, all while delivering precision and accuracy, making them valuable additions to your laboratory instruments.


Compliance and Regulations

When using a digital burette in a professional laboratory setting, it's crucial to ensure that your practices adhere to industry standards and regulations. Different industries might have specific requirements for accuracy, calibration, and record-keeping. Goldleaf Scientific's burettes, especially the motor-driven models with computer interfaces, can streamline compliance efforts by facilitating accurate data recording and traceability.


Ensure that your laboratory's processes and procedures align with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and any other relevant industry standards. Regular audits and quality checks can help you maintain compliance and uphold the integrity of your research or testing processes.


Titration with Goldleaf Scientific Burette

Titration, a common laboratory technique, is used to determine the concentration of an unknown substance, often referred to as the analyte, in a solution. A Goldleaf burette will provide convenient titration. This involves carefully adding a reagent, known as the titrant, to the solution until a reaction occurs. The reaction could be as simple as a color change or more complex, such as a shift in pH or electrical conductivity.


In traditional titration, burettes, typically made of glass, are employed to dispense the reagent. These burettes have etched volume indicators, usually in milliliters, to facilitate accurate results. They're clamped to a support stand and suspended over the beaker or flask containing the solution under analysis. By turning a valve at the base of the burette, the reagent is added to the solution, and the amount dispensed before the reaction is carefully observed.


The pipette is very similar to the burette, but it's an open tube used to dispense its entire content rather than a measured amount via a burette's stopcock. Filling a pipette is more challenging, leading to the occasional spill. This process requires keen attention to detail and a steady hand.


The complexity of traditional titration, with its detailed measurements and potential for spills, emphasizes the importance of accuracy. Notably, the cleaning and maintenance of glass tube burettes and pipettes are necessary but time-consuming tasks, often required after each series of measurements. Incidents of breakage in these fragile glass instruments are also not uncommon, adding to the challenge of using them.


Choosing the Right Digital Burette

In laboratories conducting frequent titration studies involving various reagents and analytes, glass tube burettes and pipettes are often the primary tools of choice. However, when there's a consistent need for titration of a single reagent, Goldleaf Scientific's series of bottle-top burettes offer significant advantages in terms of throughput and efficiency. A notable application for these burettes is in quality control processes to meet the requirements set by GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) criteria.


Goldleaf Scientific models, available in both motorized and hand-powered versions, are meticulously designed to deliver reagents in micro-liter (µl) subdivisions, specifically 1µl, 10µl, and 20µl. The assembly conveniently fits atop a reagent bottle, utilizing highly corrosion-resistant pump materials to accurately meter precise amounts of reagent into the sample flask or beaker. The operator has full control over volumes, quantities, and rates of flow, facilitated by the user-friendly LED display panel.


The motor-driven models, powered by a 9-volt transformer, offer the advantage of connection to a PC or printer for GLP record-keeping purposes. Additionally, they can be computer-controlled, allowing laboratory personnel to focus on other essential tasks. Hand-powered models, operating with AA batteries, maintain the same level of accuracy as their motor-driven counterparts.


The choice between a motorized bottle-top burette and a hand-powered bottle-top burette should be based on your specific requirements and operating procedures. This decision ensures that you maximize the benefits of these high-quality Goldleaf Scientific burettes in alignment with your lab's needs.


Choosing Accessories Wisely

Goldleaf Scientific offers a range of accessories that can enhance the functionality and performance of your digital burette. Consider investing in additional components such as spare parts, carrying cases, or mounting fixtures. These accessories can contribute to the instrument's longevity and ease of use.


Carrying cases, for example, provide protection during transportation and storage, preventing accidental damage. Spare parts, such as replacement feeding tubes or valves, can ensure that you have the necessary components on hand to address any unexpected issues promptly.


As always use proper safety procedure and PPE when dealing with any corrosive solvents. Gloves, goggles, and outer layer protective gear should be worn at all times.


Troubleshooting and Support

Despite the reliability of Goldleaf Scientific digital burettes, occasional issues might arise during operation. Familiarize yourself with common troubleshooting techniques outlined in the user manual. These troubleshooting steps can help diagnose and resolve minor issues that could affect accuracy or functionality.


If you encounter more complex problems, don't hesitate to reach out to Goldleaf Scientific's customer support. We can provide expert assistance, guidance, and solutions to address any challenges you may face. Prompt troubleshooting and support can minimize downtime and ensure that your laboratory processes remain on track.


Future Innovations

As technology continues to advance, it's worth keeping an eye on future innovations in digital burette design. Goldleaf Scientific and other manufacturers might introduce new features, materials, or functionalities to further enhance accuracy, convenience, and user experience.


Stay connected with industry updates, attend conferences, and engage with the scientific community to remain informed about emerging trends in laboratory equipment. By staying proactive and open to adopting new technologies, you can continue to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your lab processes. Subscribe to our regular newsletter to be informed of any future updates.



Investing in a Goldleaf Scientific digital bottle-top burette is an investment in your lab's efficiency and accuracy. These burettes are built to last, offer ease of use, and minimize the chances of human error. Whether you're upgrading from glass equipment or seeking accuracy and an efficient solution, Goldleaf Scientific has you covered with our high-quality digital burette.



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